Community Mitigation

During the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) public comment period Palmetto Railways will evaluate impacts identified in the Draft EIS on the natural and physical environment, and the relationship of people within that environment. To address some of these impacts Palmetto Railways will develop a Community Mitigation Plan which will define commitments that Palmetto Railways will implement to avoid or minimize anticipated impacts on both the adjacent communities and natural environment.

Community Mitigation measures already established includes:

Adjacent Impacts

  • Noise abatement measures.
  • Contribution to The City of North Charleston of $8 million to mitigate the impacts to the adjacent communities including loss of Sterret Hall.
  • Minimize and avoid impacts to buildings and structures on the former Charleston Naval Complex.
  • Minimize and avoid direct interaction with historic buildings and structures.
  • Direct operating lights downward to shield light sources and minimize light impacts.
  • Install landscaping within and around the facility footprint to reduce visual impacts.
  • Provide stormwater capacity improvements through constructing new stormwater infrastructure where the existing systems are failing from lack of maintenance.

Traffic and Transportation

  • Extend Cosgrove Avenue with a new overpass; improvements to Bainbridge and Hobson intersection.
  • Turn lanes at Navy Base Intermodal Facility will minimize traffic delays.
  • Construct a private road to eliminate truck traffic on local roadways.
  • Locate roadway improvements to minimize/avoid at-grade crossings and traffic delays associated with rail operations.
  • Additional intermodal capacity will encourage rail use and reduce truck traffic on local roads.
  • Implement a Surface Transportation Study.

Quality of life

  • Comply with the state's air quality requirements and conditions.
  • Implement dust control measures.
  • Reduction of truck traffic on local roads.
  • Provide around-the-clock security.
  • Develop detailed pollution prevention plans.
  • Conduct construction and operations in accordance with appropriate regulations, permits, and best practices.
  • Noise abatement measures along the western boundary of the site between Navy Base Intermodal Facility and adjacent neighborhoods.
  • State-of-the-art equipment to minimize sound emissions during operations.
  • Will support the city in setting up Quiet Zones.